Time and space have become necessities in the lives of urban residents. They move to booming metropolitan areas and expect home life, work life and nightlife to be located within a 2-3 block perimeter. They want small communities within America’s largest cities. This trend is why so many multi-family and mixed-use communities are sprouting up across the Bay Area and U.S. at large. Municipalities and states are also consistently relaxing zoning regulations in the 21st century to accommodate the construction of mixed-use communities.

We understand that every developer and/or investor has unique goals and visions. Developers partner with AK Construction knowing their visions will be brought to life in a comprehensive, efficient manner. We leverage the relationships we’ve built over the years in the Bay Area to provide solid turnkey solutions for all your of real estate development needs.

The process of building multi-family and mixed-use developments is similar to residential constructions. Building codes are slightly different, and enforcement of said codes can vary. AK Construction has extensive experience in successfully developing and marketing mixed-use subdivisions in Northern California. Commencing your next multi-family construction project starts with partnering with our team.



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